Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How to get the Most Money for My Home

Every home seller wants one things when they sell their home, the most money. If you are wanting to list your home, follow these tips to maximize the dollar amount someone wants to pay you for your home.

Hire a good Realtor: A real estate agent is your best resource to sell your home for the most money. While the commission is 6%, experienced agents on average get over 10% more for homes. They know how to price a home, how to market a home, how to negotiate, and how to navigate you safely through the complicated sales process.

De-clutter: When there is too much in a home, people cannot see the home because they are so focused on what is in it instead of the actual home. Simplify your decor, get rid of unused items and clothes. Get a storage unit for the items you do not want to get rid of.

Clean: Clean your home from top to bottom. Steam clean your carpets, deep clean your appliances, and make sure you get the areas often over looked like baseboards and ceiling. It's never fun to walk into a home you are thinking about purchasing but look up to see years of cobwebs in the corner of the wall. Keep your home as clean as possible the entire time it is listed, a good rule of thumb is to keep the house looking like no one lives in it. This can be tough because people often do live in the home, but it can be done and it definitely pays off.

Make Repairs: Make repairs to the home prior to putting it on the market. Replace wood rot, hire a painter to touch up worn paint, and fix any other deferred maintenance you are aware of. Buyers almost always hire inspectors, and an inspector will catch the wood rot you elected not to fix, or the cracked electrical outlet you did not replace and then the buyers can use the report to negotiate in allowances for repairs not already done.

Stage: Staging a home is a wonderful tool to get it to sell. A stager can come in and rearrange your current furniture and make your home look like a totally different house. Remove personal items like pictures that distract a potential buyers attention from the home. Get rid of dated decor and elect for a simplistic approach instead of over-cluttering (see above).

Eliminate Odor: Odor is a huge issue that scares away buyers. What makes odor a tough thing to deal with is that often when we live in a home with smells, we become accustomed to them and it becomes harder to notice them. Cooking, pets, smoking, mess, moth balls, and even over doing the plug ins can cause a buyer to have concern about expense to remove the smell. While plug ins and scents may not be as worrisome to get rid of, an overly perfumed home can give the illusion the sellers are trying to hide a smell with the scented products.

Here are some basic tips on maximizing the money for your home, but your best resource will always be an EXPERIENCED Realtor that is familiar with these common objections and how to combat them.

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